Only two states remain with full stay at home orders

MomsEveryday Northwest Florida

are now unemployed, a number higher than that of any other ethnic group. Just 16 percent of Latinos have jobs that allow them to work from home, a recent study found.

Hard hit New Orleans and New York state have begun easing their coronavirus restrictions, though New York City’s shutdown has been extended. Only two states remain with full stay at home orders though most have not met the testing criteria to reopen safely, according to Harvard University.

Stars, communities and teachers celebrate the Class of 2020

Superstars like Oprah, Simone Biles, Kevin Durant and more all virtually celebrated graduating seniors. Parents, teachers and communities found special ways to commemorate the milestone, even circling an Arizona racetrack ## ## .

Ahmaud Arbery: New questions over police text message before shooting

The owner of the house under construction that Ahmaud Arbery briefly entered moments before the shooting is speaking out through his attorney, saying a Glynn County police officer texted him prior to the shooting urging him to contact Gregory McMichael if he ever had concerns about anyone on the property.

Let’s get into SN’s NFL quarterback rankings for

Ranking all 32 NFL quarterbacks

The practice of ranking NFL quarterbacks has never been tougher, because the league has never had this many strong QBs at once. In 2019, the NFL continues to benefit from an intriguing intersection of future Hall of Famers and rising superstars. No matter how many Super Bowl rings or MVP awards a QB has won, or the number of efficient passing seasons he has posted in the past, history is a small part of the equation. We thought about where each QB ended up last season in terms of effectiveness, production and durability, and then we thought even more about how his talent and offensive support set him up for success (or lack thereof) this season.

Get it? Got it? Good ## ## . Let’s get into SN’s NFL quarterback rankings for 2019.

The top tier(Elite QBs; best MVP candidates.)

(Older QBs with some standout accomplishments, but pressure to perform in 2019 is on.)

Newton is entering2019with concerns about his throwing shoulder and coming off a season he was not healthy enough to finish. Given the current landscape of QBs in the NFL, the 2015 league MVP being ranked in the middle of the pack is not disrespect; it’s reality. Last season, Newton did improve from 2017 with a better completion percentage and yards per attempt, but he still ranked No. 17 in passer rating (and 20th in ESPN’s QBR and 23rd in Pro Football Focus’ QB grades). Moore and his other quick weapons in the downfield passing aspect of the offense.

It was tempting to rank Winston higher just because Bruce Arians seems like a coach who can get the best out of the QB. But Winston got toggled with Ryan Fitzpatrick last season because he kept committing turnovers with sloppy passing, enough for the Bucs to think about starting over at QB in 2020. Winston was supposed to be a can’t miss QB as the No. 1 overall pick in 2015, but it’s now or never for him to tap into his potential. If anyone can turn Winston into a Big Ben clone, it should be Arians.

Here is another frustrating QB to rank. Mariota has been through the wringer with offensive schemers, and health has not been on his side. Neither has game planning in one of the league’s most run heavy offenses. Brown to complement Corey Davis, but wecan’t totally believe in Mariota until we see him respond.

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