Only two states remain with full stay at home orders

MomsEveryday Northwest Florida

are now unemployed, a number higher than that of any other ethnic group. Just 16 percent of Latinos have jobs that allow them to work from home, a recent study found.

Hard hit New Orleans and New York state have begun easing their coronavirus restrictions, though New York City’s shutdown has been extended. Only two states remain with full stay at home orders though most have not met the testing criteria to reopen safely, according to Harvard University.

Stars, communities and teachers celebrate the Class of 2020

Superstars like Oprah, Simone Biles, Kevin Durant and more all virtually celebrated graduating seniors. Parents, teachers and communities found special ways to commemorate the milestone, even circling an Arizona racetrack ## ## .

Ahmaud Arbery: New questions over police text message before shooting

The owner of the house under construction that Ahmaud Arbery briefly entered moments before the shooting is speaking out through his attorney, saying a Glynn County police officer texted him prior to the shooting urging him to contact Gregory McMichael if he ever had concerns about anyone on the property.

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